Call-Out 2020!

Call-Out 2020!

UnShut is a festival of experimental and radical new performance work. We are committed to creating a space that allows creativity to flourish, to opening doors to artists from all backgrounds, and to unlocking the creative potential of all who consider themselves ‘experimental’ or ‘radical’ in their performance work.

Despite COVID19, UnShut Festival of Performance will take place 2nd – 4th July 2020! And we would like to invite you to join us on this journey! We are proud that we can still offer commissions during this international health crisis, and we will give everything we can to bring amazing pieces of work to audiences.

This isn’t a live-streaming festival, it isn’t a platform to upload your show onto, it isn’t Zoom-Festival2020. Nor are we programming COVID-Fest. UnShut Festival of Performance is interested in Live Art and Performance Art; we’re interested in experimental and radical performances and projects.

We’re looking for ideas that test the boundaries, that investigate and challenge. We can’t organise an ordinary festival but we can still connect and interact – somehow. We think the new context we’re in, the new way we’re socialising, living, dreaming, has a lot of creative potential. 

Is there a one to one performance at 2 meters apart? Can you create a piece using postal service? Or a project that you happen upon during your daily exercise? An exchange? Can we paint an entire street’s windows blue? How can we interrupt this ‘new normal’? How can we commemorate, celebrate or challenge?

We’re looking for new ideas, half-formed performances or on-going projects. We don’t need to know every detail straight away. We will do our best to adapt to your ideas and to the ‘climate’ we’ve found ourselves in. The situation is changing day-by-day, week-by-week, we don’t know where we’ll be by July, but we remain committed to the festival being led by the artists that will be at the centre of it. 

UnShut Festival of Performance is committed to ‘opening doors’ to artists from all backgrounds and to unlocking the creative potential of all who consider themselves ‘experimental’ or ‘radical’. 

Within the festival we reserve specific places for, and are interested in hearing from artists who identify as one of the following: a Person of Colour, a Self-Identifying Female/Woman, are LGBTQI+, Working-Class, Disabled (physically and/or neurologically). Also, we reserve a slot for an artist who is from, or is based in, Sheffield. 

The offer:
We are offering nine commissions of either 1x £1000, 4x £500 and 4x £300. Please specify within the application which pot of money you’re applying for, the different pots of money depend on the time it will take to realise your project.
To Apply:

Please follow the link below to our googleform for the application questions. Alternatively, please either send a video or voice recording (from your phone) that talks through your project and the questions listed on the googleform, to


Any Questions? Please Email –

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